Training Classes

Game Time Sports and Training provides personalized training and instruction for groups or individuals.  Our experienced training staff are motivating and knowledgeable.  We can help you reach your personal fitness goals, trim off that extra weight or improve your sports performance. Check out the options below and see which one works for you.  Then, check the schedule for class times.  Feel free to try any class that fits your abilities.  If you have any questions, send us an email at




Want to lose weight, be stronger and get back in shape?  Sign up for Adult Performance Training!  Each session is offered in a small group setting that allows for personalized instruction.  Adult Performance Training focuses dynamic stretching, strength and conditioning in a circuit style setting.  Sessions can be modified for your individual fitness levels.

Adult Performance Schedule:

Monday-Thursday 5:30AM, 7:00AM, 8:00AM, 8:30AM, 5:30PM

Friday 5:30AM, 7:00AM, 8:00AM, 8:30AM

Saturday 8AM


If you are new to exercise, you can always join our Intermediate Fitness class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 10am.  It will give you a baseline for where you need to start.  This would be a great starting point for anyone who has not exercised regularly for an extended period of time.

Senior Adult Fitness Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 10:00AM



Let Game Time's staff train your entire team! Sessions focus on improving agility, quickness, core strength and skills specific to each sport.  Plus, teams build cohesion and teamwork through group training.  We'll help your team achieve more this season! 

Game Time's Sports Performance is designed especially for the student athlete.  We focus on building skills, strength and confidence in each participant.  Sessions happen in a group setting and perfect for the student looking to improve performance on the field or catch the eye of that college scout.
Winter High School Training Schedule: Ages 13+
Monday-Thursday 6:30PM-7:30PM

Our Middle School Sports Performance is the same quality training program modified for younger athletes.

Designed for grades 5th-8th.


Mid-Level Sports Performance Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 4:00PM  


Indoor stationary cycling class that combines basic cycling movements with motivational coaching, while increasing your heart rate and burning calories.  This is a 45 minute non-impact class that is individually paced.  Arrive early to set up your bike and get pointers on proper form and technique.


Spin Schedule:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6:00AM

Tuesday/Thursday 6:00PM

Sunday 1:00PM 


There are many ways to use our One on One Fitness Training.  You could be someone who has never exercised and could use personal coaching before you step into a group setting or you could be a College Prep athlete using it as a way to improve specific skills individualized to your sport.