We love our Game Time participants.  Each person is committed to achieving their personal goals and they have found a supportive community in our training groups and through our training staff.  Put your fears aside and join our training here at Game Time.   


"The training staff worked well with my team on strength and flexibility.  They exceeded my expectations and focused on what each girl needed to improve in her areas of weakness.  By allowing Game Time to take care of the tream's strength training, I as the head coach was able to focus on softball fundamentals and instruction, without having to plan and worry about strength." 

--Kevin Creech, Head coach Central High School Softball


I appreciate Game Time and all the time they've invested in my U 12 boys aresenal soccer team.  The trainers provided us with exceptional programming that not only made my team better buy also made it fun for the kids.  Game Time training has definitely made my team stronger, faster and more agile and all-around healthier.  I really like the injury prevention that was incorporated to the program I can truly tell a difference in the kids and I plan to be back for years to come."

--Glen Holly, U12 Arsenal boys soccer coach


“I resisted coming in for a while because I didn't think Game Time was for someone my age.  I came, I saw that I could do this and Drew showed my that I am stronger than I thought."

--Beth, Intermediate Fitness 


“I'm gonna say it again tonight....I LOVE my GameTime Family!!  Anyone who hasn't tried our workout, you are missing sooooo much!!! I totally would not have shown up tonight if it wasn't for my crew!! Aaaand we crushed it tonight, once again always leave my adult fitness class with a smile.  Great way to end the day!"

--Donna, Adult Fitness


"GameTime does a great job of helping athletes reach their highest potential. Their knowledgeable staff will design a workout program specifically for you that will directly translate to the field. Whether your goal is to master the fundamentals of your sport/position or simply become a better athlete, GameTime will help you get there."

--Jackson Harris, University of Georgia Tight End


"When I was 15 years old, I wanted to start working out. I had no idea how where to begin, but I wanted to be the best athlete that I could be. I tried going to gyms and would do my own workouts, however, I didn't feel like I was benefitting from them. I heard of a facility that had just opened in Columbia called 'Gametime' and I decided to give it a try. I grew close to the coaches and started seeing them as people other than coaches; they were more like mentors and people I started to look up to. The training classes were great and exceeded my expectations. I quickly noticed how I was becoming physically stronger and faster. During my senior year, I tore my ACL in a soccer game and was devastated. Drew and the other coaches workd with me numerous days per week just to get me back and fully recovered so I could fulfill my dream of playing college soccer. I give Gametime all the credit for my soccer career at Martin Methodist because they had me back to where I was before my injury by the beginning of my freshman year of college! I am very thankful for such an awesome place and for the great people who believed in me, worked with me, and taught me so many things about the passion we all shared."

--Hannah Johnson, Martin Methodist Soccer


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