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We love our Game Time participants.  Each person is committed to achieving their personal goals and they have found a supportive community in our training groups and through our training staff.  Put your fears aside and join our training here at Game Time.   


“I’ve never really been very motivated to exercise. I’ve had my moments where I wanted to get stronger and lose some weight. I have even joined gyms, went for a few weeks and then just kind of lost the want to. Meanwhile, I continued to pay to go to a gym that I wasn’t using.
In December of 2019 I heard about a deal Game Time was running. I contacted Game Time to let them know I was coming and then a week later I finally worked up the courage to go. I WAS SCARED TO DEATH! I thought there was no way I would survive the first day.
WRONG!!! Drew worked with me and adapted the workouts to be comfortable, yet a challenge to me. Having a coach to teach you how to do the workouts the right way keeps you from injuring yourself. Learning to do it the right way actually works the right muscles…WHAT A CONCEPT!!!! Instead of them pushing me to lift as much as I possibly can the they teach me how to do it right first and then add the weight.
The group training is a game changer. The accountability that comes with having a group of people that you work out with is motivating and is a major contributor to what keeps me coming back. Game Time is much more than a gym though. It’s a community of people that believe in each other and push each other to better their fitness journey.
Drew and Taylor are great coaches. They coach you not only inside the gym but outside as well with nutritional advice, how to maintain your workout when you’re out of town, and even how to recover.
I honestly feel better than I have in 15 years. I’ve dropped about 20 pounds. I look forward to going to work out each day. For the first time in my life I actually feel like I am doing a workout that I can maintain for the rest of my life. If you are looking for a place like this, I highly recommend you give Game Time a try. You will be glad you did!”

--Ray Brawner

“Last November I came to a free first class at Game Time with Julie Wolaver. As a runner and growing up in a workout / group fitness focused family (my mom and sister were Jazzercise instructors), it was exactly what I was missing. The trainers expertise and encouragement and the accountability and friendships formed have me coming back week after week. Game Time not only improves me physically but also helps me to be a better wife, mom, and educator- better body, better mind, better soul! Thank you for a great year of a better me Game Time!”

--Angie Poag


“So I’ve worked out my whole life. I get really into it and am doing good and feeling good, then I quit. Sometimes the lazy struggle is real! On December 3, 2019, I walked into GameTime because of a friend that talks about them ALL THE TIME, and because of a deal!! (Women love deals!)

To me, that FIRST step into a new place is the hardest thing ever!!! Once I know the flow, I’m ok, but pulling that door open and walking in by myself is terrifying!! Well I did it. I walked in. The first face I saw was Coach Drew. He was like my best friend at a party! Came at me with a greeting, a smile, and an extended hand. He made sure I was comfortable and knew what was going on the whole time. He provided me with modifications since I had slacked off for about a year! 😬 

I immediately fell in love with the group training!!! I love working out in a group (I’m a talker when I’m not dying!), but this was so different. It was like a personal training session in a group setting!! GENIUS!! Circuits, weights, conditioning - oh my! Then, I got to train with the other Coaches - Taylor and Hannah... They are all just really good at pushing you to grow your skills and really focus on FORM each day. 
Now - I’m just over two months in - my stamina has improved TREMENDOUSLY!!! I was able to get after my yard and clean up flood debris for a FULL DAY this past Saturday and the whole time I was thinking “thank you Gametime for making this cleanup possible!”  

I don’t feel like the workouts are a chore - I wake up excited to go see my friends and get my daily feel good!! Other than a couple of holidays mixed in - I’ve been every day and don’t see any end to wanting to get my daily Gametime FIX!!! 
Please - if you are scared to “walk in” let me know!! I will meet you there and show you the “beginners ropes”!! Trust me - I totally know what it’s like to slack, and I REALLY know how scary it can be to start back!! THIS is the place to do it and if I can do it - ANYONE can!!! 💪”

--Devan Allen

“I started my weight loss journey December, 2017 by controlling my food intake and focusing on my diet at first. As 2018 progressed I started adding in 1 mile walks a day and building up to 5 miles a day. As the weight dropped I knew I had to work on my strength and turned to Game Time during 2019. The training staff at GT understood my individual needs and worked with me during the strength training classes. I highly recommend that you give GT a try to see what they can do for you. You’ll find it a welcoming, non intimidating environment where everyone supports and cares for your well being.”

--Jeff Quirk





“Coming to Gametime is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love the group workouts, the encouragement that is given and the trainers are absolutely the best. It’s like working out with friends every time I’m here. I look and feel better than I ever have. So thank you Gametime for making me and so many others GT STRONG!!”

--Keli Clark


“I’ve been at GameTime for several years. It has been a learning

experience in exercising. What do I like about GameTime?

1. The trainers. The trainers are very creative with the exercises in targeting the various muscle groups. They demonstrate how to do the exercise and watch to see that everyone is doing it correctly. They give guidance and encouragement.

2. The classes. The classes are never dull. They are challenging and different. I’ve done every type of workout. If something needed to be modified, the trainers showed me a different way.

3. The people. Getting to know others and making friends is a great benefit of being a GameTime member. I’ve met some wonderful people and made great friends. These are people I wouldn’t have met without being at GameTime. We motivate each other. We encourage each other. We care about each other.

4. The results. I didn’t join GameTime to loose weight but I do maintain a healthy weight. Exercising at GameTime helps me control my blood pressure, my cholesterol, strengthen my bones and deal with stress. I’m 66 years old. Working out at GameTime keeps me feeling good.

I can’t say enough good things about GameTime. It’s a place where I feel comfortable and welcome.”

--Kathy Smithson

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