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adult performance training  schedule

Monday 5:30am/7:00am/8:00am/8:30am/5:30pm

Tuesday 5:30am/7:00am/8:00am/8:30am/5:30pm

Wednesday 5:30am/7:00am/8:00am/8:30am/5:30pm

Thursday 5:30am/7:00am/8:00am/8:30am/5:30pm

Friday 5:30am/7:00am/8:00am/8:30am

Saturday 8:00am

First visit is FREE; Come join the fun TODAY!

“I'm gonna say it again tonight....I LOVE my GameTime Family!!  Anyone who hasn't tried our workout, you are missing sooooo much!!! I totally would not have shown up tonight if it wasn't for my crew!! Aaaand we crushed it tonight, once again always leave my adult fitness class with a smile.  Great way to end the day!"

--Donna, Adult Fitness


intermediate fitness

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00am   


First visit is FREE; Come join the fun TODAY!

“I resisted coming in for a while because I didn't think Game Time was for someone my age.  I came, I saw that I could do this and Drew showed my that I am stronger than I thought."

--Beth, Intermediate Fitness 


college & high school sports performance 

Winter Schedule:

Monday-Thursday 6:30PM - 7:30PM

Ages 13+


First visit is FREE; Come join the fun TODAY!

"GameTime does a great job of helping athletes reach their highest potential. Their knowledgeable staff will design a workout program specifically for you that will directly translate to the field. Whether your goal is to master the fundamentals of your sport/position or simply become a better athlete, GameTime will help you get there."

--Jackson Harris, University of Georgia Tight End


middle school sports performance 

Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm

Grades 5th-8th

First visit is FREE; Come join the fun TODAY!

SPIN  Classes  (45 minutes)

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6:00am

Tuesday/Thursday 6:00pm

Sunday 1:00pm


First visit is FREE; Come join the fun TODAY!

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