Want to schedule baseball or softball lessons with some of our excellent staff?  We are here to help students improve their skills no matter where they are starting. Whether you are a beginner needing a jump start in your sport or an experienced player needing some extra time spent on the skills of the game, we have sports drills designed for your needs. We provide baseball and softball lessons 7 days per week! Contact us at for details on scheduling private lessons. 

 private Lessons Price List


​Hitting, Pitching, Fielding or Catching


30 Minute Session: $35.00

60 Minute Session: $70.00


Coach Brady Johnson of Columbia has over 18 years experience playing and coaching the sport of baseball. He works full-time providing lessons for our local athletes with drills to improve athlete's throwing, batting, fielding, catching, and pitching skills. To schedule a baseball or softball lesson with Coach Brady, reach out to us today by clicking the link below!