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We help people aged 30+ get stronger, train smart, and get healthy by giving them more energy to tackle life, even if they don't know where to start.

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GameTime Training Schedule:


Monday - Thursday


Friday 5:30AM/7:00AM/8:00AM/8:30AM

Saturday 8:00AM


Mon,Tues, and Thurs 4:30PM-5:30PM

August 30th-November 19th


Monday/Wednesday/Thursday 4:00PM-5:00PM



Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10:00AM



Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6:00AM

Tuesday/Thursday 6:00PM

Sunday 1:00PM

Are you interested in Gametime training, but don't know where to start? Click the link above to try a full week of classes on us. We'd love to show you what GameTime can do for YOU!

   We help our clients build STRONG bodies to live BETTER LIVES

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"GameTime does a great job of helping athletes reach their highest potential. Their knowledgeable staff will design a workout program specifically for you that will directly translate to the field. Whether your goal is to master the fundamentals of your sport/position or simply become a better athlete, GameTime will help you get there."

--Jackson Harris, University of Georgia Tight End

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“I'm gonna say it again tonight....I LOVE my GameTime Family!!  Anyone who hasn't tried our workout, you are missing sooooo much!!! I totally would not have shown up tonight if it wasn't for my crew!! Aaaand we crushed it tonight, once again always leave my adult fitness class with a smile.  Great way to end the day!"

--Donna, Adult Fitness

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We love having our softball teams practice in GameTime's indoor facility. The convenience of their batting cage and turf field are beneficial to our girls to get practices in, especially when the weather calls for other plans! We love the environment and atmosphere there and it's always a good time at GameTime!

--Heather Scroggins, Columbia Girls Fast Pitch Coach